3 Steps To Swaddle A Baby

123 Swaddle Baby 1

Get Ready

  • Place blanket on a flat surface in a diamond position in front of you with the 123 Swaddle Tip Tag visible on your upper right hand side.

  • Fold the top corner down about 6 inches, and place baby in the center of the blanket with their neck at the fold.

123 Swaddle Baby 2

Step One

  • Starting on your left, bring the 1st corner over and tuck snugly behind baby.

  • Ensure baby’s hips and knees are in a flexed frog-like position inside the swaddle. 

  • Do not straighten or over extend your baby’s joints.

123 Swaddle Babies 3

Step Two

  • The bottom corner goes up and over baby's left shoulder and behind baby's back. The weight of the baby will help to keep the swaddle secure.

123 Swaddle Babies 4

Step Three

  • Take the 3rd corner down at a slight angle and across baby and all the way around behind baby, tucking the tail of the blanket into the fold in the front.

  • Avoid having the blanket touch baby's cheek. This can stimulate baby's rooting response and wake baby.

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