Swaddle Wrap - Best for new parents. Super Easy to use.

Swaddle blanket has a wide range of uses. Not only providing baby a sense of security, it can also be used as a sunshield on the stroller, play mat for tummy time and privacy throw for breastfeeding. However, many new parents said that it is too troublesome to wrap a baby. If you have the same thought, this "Swaddle Wrap" must be a nice choice for you!

SwaddleDesign Swaddle Wrap in Pink

The one-piece "Swaddle wrap" is convenient and easy to use.You just need to put the baby in, and then tuck the wings together. That's it!

Product features:

Set of THREE soft , breathable and stretchy wraps,

  • adjustable swaddle wings for a snug and safe swaddle
  • 100% cotton knit
  • premium hook-and-loop fasteners are soft and secure
  • small size, fit babies from newborn to 3 months (7-14 lbs)

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